How to: Selecting the perfect wine

Yes, wine glasses really can make a big difference in how wine tastes. In principle, you can use anything to drink wine out of and if you’re drinking especially cheap wine, it’s unlikely that your choice of glass will make much difference. To really get the most out of good wine, though, you should pick your wine glass with care and attention. The more care you give to buying and tasting wine, the more care you should give to having the right wine glasses.

Although it might seem like nothing more than an excuse for snobbery, experience has shown over and over that higher quality glasses can have a big impact on how wine tastes. Apparently, it’s possible for the exact same wine to taste completely different to people if simply served in wine glasses made from different material.

one has been able to determine if this is merely a matter of aesthetics or if there is an actual physical reaction between wine and quality glass that doesn’t occur with wine and plastic or wine and lower quality glass. The best explanation offered so far is that crystal is rougher than regular glass and this roughness creates turbulence in the wine which, in turn, causes more of the aromatic compounds in the wine to be released.

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The new Pizza oven

Yes, pizza with tomato sauce is delicious. It’s classic. It always works. But, if you are so bold as to take tomato sauce out of the equation, you open up your pizza to a whole world of flavors! There are so many fun and wonderful things you can do with some pizza crust and cheese!

It’s time to let our creative pizza juices flow with these 23 pizza recipes that do not use tomato sauce! And, with the cooler weather, heating up the oven and settling down to a piping hot pizza for dinner is just what we need to get cozy!

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How to: Pasta

“Good old-fashioned Italian is so flavorful, but it’s not always so great for your waistline,” says Tyson Foods executive chef Mario Valdovino. “Luckily, between the high-protein chicken and the tomatoes which contain lycopene, you can feel good eating this dish.”

“Asparagus is a great option because it contains vitamins A for healthy cells and vitamin K for blood clotting, and studies show it has anti-inflammatory properties,” says Barilla registered dietitian Anna Rosales.” If you don’t have or like the taste of asparagus, Barilla executive chef Lorenzo Boni, who developed the recipe, recommends using trimmed and quartered artichokes or sliced zucchini.

“Luckily, between the high-protein chicken and the tomatoes which contain lycopene, you can feel good eating this dish.”

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Welcome on our new Homepage!

Welcome! This is our new Homepage. Fresh and modern as it should be for every restaurant 😉

Upper Crust is an uptown pizzeria and wine bar specializing in wood-fired, thin crust New York style pies complimented by a full menu and wine list that is synonymous with quality and also a reasonable price. Upper Crust is the newest concept developed by the Hal Smith Restaurants.

A place where a prominent kitchen bustles with activity around two wood-fired brick ovens for the fast baking and charring of the dough to give it that smoky edge. The toppings are all market-fresh as is the dough and the proportions are just right with a pleasing interplay between toppings and crust. Upper Crust’s menu also has selections of distinctive appetizers, great salads, unique sandwiches, homemade lasagna, and wood-fired chicken for two to compliment the incredible serious pie selections

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